EMB Forms

Form Description
First Notice

Download and complete this form to report an EMB claim whenever medical expense benefits of $50,000 or more have been paid for personal injury to one person for one accident and/or your potential exposure exceeds $75,000.

Reimbursement and Reserve

Download and complete this "RR" form to request reimbursement and provide advice as to the reserve requirements on individual claims. The RR form must be accompanied by the EMB Payment Record, below.

EMB Payment Record

Download and complete this form to provide your accounting of medical benefits incurred and paid. Please note that bills for providers in excess of $10,000 must be accompanied by an audit report and bills for facilities must be accompanied by on on-site audit report or they are subject to a 20% penalty.

Recovery Certification

Download and complete this form with the First Notice or RR form. Your signature confirms that you have investigated all potential recovery sources including subrogation against culpable third parties.

PIP Coverage Selection

Download and complete this form and submit it with the First Notice. Your signature confirms that the injured party is afforded PIP benefits under your policy of insurance. There may be concurrent PIP coverage with other carriers that need to be investigated.