Contact Directory

NameTitleEmail Address
Alejandro, AlexPIP
Alvarado, Victor Medical Management Quality Control 
Barbaro, Denise Medical Management 
Bash, DovDirector of Medical
Besido, Renan GL/WC Claim 
Boberg, KennethWC Examiner 
Bohny, EileenSenior Medical Management 
Brande, CresencianaMedical Management Supervisor
Brown, Greg Support Supervisor - Claims 
Calderon, Carmen Quality Control & Appeal 
Caldwell, David Assistant Claims 
Capan, Benjamin PIP 
Chess, RonAssistant Director of 
Collins, BarbaraSenior Medical Management 
Connors, Lori A. General 
Cortona, Elizabeth PIP 
Crittenden, Faith Senior PIP 
Cruz, Dina PIP Examiner 
Del Giudice, Katherine PIP 
DellaFera, Joseph Chief Executive Officer 
Delossantos, MariaSenior Medical Management 
DeRosa, Shanyn Senior WC 
DiPilato, George Assistant General 
Donofrio, Paulina Human Resources Manager 
Durina, Debbie Senior Operations 
Engstrom, Judy WC 
Fisher, Andrea Claims Operations 
Frisch, AnneQuality Control 
Gaita, Angela EMB 
Green, GillianExaminer Support 
Hamm, NicholasSIU
Haynes, Denise Senior PIP 
Hillman, Douglas Director of Claims 
Irvin, MakeesaPIP 
Jakubowsky, ElizabethSenior Medical Management
Johnson, Daniela PIP 
Johnson, Lorene PIP Claims 
Kahle, William Director of Finance 
Krok, JohnPIP Arbitration 
Lacey, Julianne GL/EMB 
Lanza, RobinExaminer Support 
Lauber, GlennWC Examiner 
Leffler, Karen Director of 
Lisner, StevenMedical Management Quality Control
Love, JacquelineWC
Luteran, Nancy Examiner Support 
Mansuri, AminRecords Support 
Martucci, PatPIP Claims
McKeown, Robert Senior GL 
McMahon, Sharon PIP 
McMillin, Dean Senior GL 
Melville, John Support Supervisor - Records 
Miezejewski, NicholeQuality Control 
Minotti, JosephWC Examiner 
Montano, Jessica Examiner Support Representative 
Ohlarik, Stephen Examiner Support Representative 
Pinales, Carmen Examiner Support Representative 
Prcic, IrisPIP
Ragland, YolandaSupport 
Rios, Isabel Senior PIP Claims Examiner 
Roche, MariaQuality Control Coordinator 
Schmidt, Lori Operations Administrator 
Sheils, CatherinePIP
Smith, EdGL 
Walsh, DebraMedical Management Quality Control 
Welch, Patty Finance Support 
Westover, CarlPIP Arbitration
Whitfield, LaWanda PIP 
Williams, Kassandra Audit 
Yennie, Susan Quality Control 
Young, Trisha Assistant Director of